Hi everyone my name is Puler but my friend call me

Neymar panda. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite sport is soccer. I also like Nike I have 4 soccer boots, I like to watch anime and read manga, I also like to eat food and cook food.

My favourite games are FIFA, Order and Chaos, and others. My favourite soccer team is FC Barcelona.

My favourite country is Brazil and I like to listen to music.

What your favourite soccer team? Also please visit my blogging guidelines.


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Passion Project



My passion project is brazil culture and what I have found out so far is a special event that happens in brazil called Rio carnival, it is a bull riding event and it is worldwide, I also found some famous people that come from brazil here are some name Naymar jr a famous soccer player, Sepultura a famous music band and Podro Alvares

The fonder of rio.


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The attack!


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“Captain, run!” Before my eyes people are running towards me so I tell my crew, “Attack!”My crew ran and attacked the native’s whoosh, whoosh. My crew all fall down. Some of my crew members got killed by poison spears. Sweat comes out of my head going down my spine going down to my leg. I underestimated these native.



http://panique.com.au/trishansoz/aborigine/abo rigin.html

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The Boat Creek

The boat on the creek,

Is like a big leaf,

The big green leaf is like a yellow beak,

The yellow beak is like a sick beat,

The beat on the street are one of a kind,

Hip hop is what they listen to,

Beat box is what the speaking to,

Rip rob the rain drop,

Leap lop the frog hop,

Hop lop the children rocks.


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Tomatoes or potatoes, I prefer tomatoes, it red and juicy growing so nice, making a pizza oh it’s so nice.

Smiling at your face that you can’t see with a red

Cheek. Big heart, big laugh tomatoes are happy and not a sappy.

by Pu Ler

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the night of the Sun Eruption

DING, DONG a sound ringed, then suddenly a flock of people started to ran to the sound “what in the world is going on’’ I said to myself it’s happening a voice cried I look to my left and the voice was from my friend El Savado “oh it you El Savado what happening?’’ I asked ‘’the eruption’’ he answered “wait you mean the sun eruption” I asked again “yes the sun eruption it is when 4 volcanos erupts at the same time, and the people are going to see it now” BOOM! BANG! KABOOM!



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My Writing

Marugori_getting_punched_by_Saitamahttp://onepunchman.wikia.com/wiki/Marugori                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As the cage door opens I see the monster called nature destroyer. It demolished our city, I need to kill it before it destroys the world. ‘’Let’s do this!’’ I ran to the monster but he spotted me and tried to hit me with it large fist. I jump on his arm and kept running. When I got to the shoulder and leaped into the sky, I did a quick smirk and killed the monster with one punch, I am the protector of nature, my name is Saitama this world is full of pollution and rubbish, they created something that they can’t control. It is my job to stop the pollution and rubbish but one day I will die, so it your turn to protect this would from pollution and rubbish.


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il_fullxfull.740711784_5srxlife will keep you down but just keep going


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