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Marugori_getting_punched_by_Saitama                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As the cage door opens I see the monster called nature destroyer. It demolished our city, I need to kill it before it destroys the world. ‘’Let’s do this!’’ I ran to the monster but he spotted me and tried to hit me with it large fist. I jump on his arm and kept running. When I got to the shoulder and leaped into the sky, I did a quick smirk and killed the monster with one punch, I am the protector of nature, my name is Saitama this world is full of pollution and rubbish, they created something that they can’t control. It is my job to stop the pollution and rubbish but one day I will die, so it your turn to protect this would from pollution and rubbish.


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