the night of the Sun Eruption

DING, DONG a sound ringed, then suddenly a flock of people started to ran to the sound “what in the world is going on’’ I said to myself it’s happening a voice cried I look to my left and the voice was from my friend El Savado “oh it you El Savado what happening?’’ I asked ‘’the eruption’’ he answered “wait you mean the sun eruption” I asked again “yes the sun eruption it is when 4 volcanos erupts at the same time, and the people are going to see it now” BOOM! BANG! KABOOM!



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2 Responses to the night of the Sun Eruption

  1. Jalina says:

    Hello Puler!
    I really liked how you described how the flock of people were running down to the volcano eruptions. I can’t really remember what happened that night, but now I remember some of it thanks to your writing!

  2. permeh says:

    Hello: Puler
    I Really like your writing. I can’t remember what happen that night.Thanks for sharing your writing.
    By: per meh

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