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My passion project is brazil culture and what I have found out so far is a special event that happens in brazil called Rio carnival, it is a bull riding event and it is worldwide, I also found some famous people that come from brazil here are some name Naymar jr a famous soccer player, Sepultura a famous music band and Podro Alvares

The fonder of rio.


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  1. Tanika says:

    Dear Puler,
    I would of never thought there would be someting in the brasilian culture where people would ride bulls and its worldwide. Why bulls, they could be dangerous. Cant they ride horses or something less dangerous. I have two questions. How long have they done riding bulls for and why do they ride bulls not something else, do they want it to be dangerous?
    From Tanika.

    • puler says:

      In 1945, the Cowboy Turtles Association changed their name to the rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA) which later in 1975 changed to the Professional rodeo cowboys
      They have bulls because it is a rodeo.

  2. saymeh says:

    Dear Pu ler
    I have to say I have never heard about Rio Carnidan. Now I know it is a bull rider.
    I know most obout your project because of you blog.
    Thank you for sharing.
    From SayMeh

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