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The attack!

  “Captain, run!” Before my eyes people are running towards me so I tell my crew, “Attack!”My crew ran and attacked the native’s whoosh, whoosh. My crew all fall down. Some of my crew members got killed by poison spears. … Continue reading

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The Boat Creek

The boat on the creek, Is like a big leaf, The big green leaf is like a yellow beak, The yellow beak is like a sick beat, The beat on the street are one of a kind, Hip hop is … Continue reading

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tomatoes Tomatoes or potatoes, I prefer tomatoes, it red and juicy growing so nice, making a pizza oh it’s so nice. Smiling at your face that you can’t see with a red Cheek. Big heart, big laugh tomatoes are happy … Continue reading

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the night of the Sun Eruption

DING, DONG a sound ringed, then suddenly a flock of people started to ran to the sound “what in the world is going on’’ I said to myself it’s happening a voice cried I look to my left and the … Continue reading

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My Writing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As the cage door opens I see the monster called nature destroyer. It demolished our city, I need to kill it before it destroys the world. ‘’Let’s do this!’’ I ran to the monster but he spotted me and … Continue reading

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Hi everyone my name is Puler but my friend call me Neymar panda. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite sport is soccer. I also like Nike I have 4 soccer boots, I like to watch anime and read … Continue reading

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life will keep you down but just keep going

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